An American Reporter adopted a Mixed child from Djibouti


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Why call him “Wecel”, that is derogatory
The kid did not choose to be on this earth . His poor mother didn’t even know how to sign her own name , that alone tells you this woman did not sleep around out of choice.
these stupid frenchie soldiers rape women all the time, they do what they want in djibouti and other african nations that are neo-colonial and no one cares because they are muslims and not-white.
I can only imagine the things they are doing to that poor boy, whoever signed off on this should have their bank accounts monitored, tragic.
I'm now confused whether this woman is mixed or not. My father was much more lighter/mixed looking than her when he was younger but he's a pure somali so its possible she's not mixed.
However she does look like some half white somalis I've seen like Maya Jama. And light blonde hair and blue eyes are not a part of our genotype.
I'm gonna follow Occam's razor and presume she is mixed but its not certain unless he gets a dna test
Light hair and eyes are part of out genotype. It’s just expressed when you mix with people who also have it.

Pwyneth Galtrow

Since when was Africa an identity?

It seems a good number of African Americans think of Africa as a single entity. It also doesn't help that most Madow people are of Niger-Congo roots. The rest of us are minorities in Africa compared to them; Cushites, Berbers, Nilotes, Nilo-Saharans, Khoi-Sans etc.

If you were a non-African who looks at Africa, you'd find it hard to tell them apart, most nations have similar looks, similar food, similar dances etc,etc.

Pwyneth Galtrow

I was thinking the same :bell: He’s also Christian and Russian Jew, so so sad

Isn't it funny how he takes the time to divide two of the same group; Russian and Jewish whilst simultaneously lumping African into one, unidentifiable mass, smh.
These Western Madoows can sound just like the Colonial powers when talking about Africa.
I reread the tweet and I’m not really sure if he meant that his son is both a Xtian and a Russian Jew or if he meant that he doesn’t care whether he identifies as X, Y, Z or not? I like how the Somalis and other Africans in the retweets (original tweet) were tearing him a new one :) The man could have financially supported Ayanle and his hooyo, instead of moving him to the other side of the world and stripping him off his identity. I also mainly feel like he adopted Ayanle because of his looks and how he apparently looked like him. There are many poor children in America that are in need of loving families.