Amxaarjo wearing his cultural attire in his home of Addis Ababa


Make Hobyo Great Again

IOG sitting dignified in human clothing next to his raw meating wardrobe malfunctioned counterpart.

I've never seen Amxaarjo so happy.
What? Why do they have them dressed like cooks? It looks silly. If they are going to have them wear cultural clothing it should be something professional looking at least, like the saudis

Saalax Bidaar

Truthfulness so often goes with ruthlessness
He has done more for the BLACK RACE than these so called african leaders in the room.
Bill gates donates something like half of his income to charity. Most generous human being.

Go suck his guuus then

Respect to Ismail Omar Gueleh for not wearing that clown uniform
These 2 idiots attended the unveiling of Selassie's statue at the AU HQ knowing full well what that blood thirsty savage did to our ppl. The geesi Afeworki did not attend