Misleading American Faarax finally sees his ajanabi queen.


With great power comes great electricity bill
Destiny is always here for the black man's L

Everyone deserves love, no?
I'm of the opinion some people do not deserve love, that disgusting thing shouldn't even be allowed to have romantic encounters. It's a damn stain on humanity and a large one at that.
I can hear the sigh of relief from farahs. Congratulations boys. I must admit though, I was disappointed because I thought I can have a field day with this. Oh well, maybe next time. Also, the guy isnt attractive so they deserve each other.


Bishop of the order of Gacanta Furan ✋
This video made me feel depressed and sad

What on earth could've compelled this poor man to even associate with that creature?
Let me just. give you a quick run down of how the Negro mentality works.

White skin = High SMV

*SMV: Sexual Market Value


idiocy gives me energy
The hyper laugh while he kept nodding slowly in pain like he was forced to swallow cough drops painfully. With each laugh my deegkar rose by one:mjcry::dead: