Al Shabab will make us more secular 💯

Once Amisom withdraws, Al Shabab will violently take over the nation. According to their interpretation, WiFI, sports, resorts, and cinema are fisiq and haram. Al Shabab will prove to us that Islamism and Sharia are subjective to interpretation in governance meaning it’s pretty much a dictatorship. We will turn vehemently secular like the Iranians of the Diaspora once we learn women can’t go without a male guardian and they try to Arabize us like they have before. We will learn our lesson the hard way for giving Wahhabism and Saudi founded shaykhs credence. Sad but true 😁😁
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Amisom will withdraw sooner or later and it could be likely this Islamist group will take control. They’ll abolish everything they see as haram and even turn of the WiFi like they have in Middle Jubba. Once they do that, resorts, hotels, stadiums, and restaurants that they view as haram will close. Women won’t leave without a male guardian and “gaalo” universities will be closed. Watch Somalis become secular like Iranians when they see the Islamist facade and that “Sharia” can’t work in 21st century. The hard way of learning will be it for us 😁😁
careful boy, wahaab is gods name.