Al Shabaab leadership were carrying out a genocide in the south as revenge for 1988


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When Godane was alive, there were Shabaab members who questioned why the group’s attacks were concentrated in southern Somalia, leaving Somaliland relatively untouched. One rumor had it that Godane, a Hargeisa native, wanted revenge on southern clans for the havoc that Mohamed Siad Barre wreaked on the north in the 1980s. Another was that Somali intelligence had struck a gentlemen’s agreement with Shabaab leaders not to attack Godane’s (and al-Afghani’s) home area. Neither theory was ever proven, but that didn’t stop pro-ISIS agents from using them as though they were 100 percent fact. “They contacted politicians in Kismayo and Gedo and said we are working on this project to stop genocide by Godane’s men against southern clans,” says a Somali intelligence official in Gedo.
For those who aren't familiar with Ibrahim al-Afghani AKA Ibrahim Jama Me’aad...
As a teenager attending Hargeisa’s Farah Omaar High School, the future Afghani belonged to a group called Al-Wahdat al-Shabaab al-Islam, or Solidarity of Islamic Youth. The group promoted Salafism, the idea that Muslims must follow a purist interpretation of Sharia, or Islamic law. Al-Wahdat members believed that many Somalis were on the “wrong” side of the Quran and sunna, the way of life prescribed as normal through the teachings and practices of the prophet Muhammad, and they pushed for what they considered necessary changes to Somalia’s laws and customs.
And on the fringe of the scene, there was the aforementioned Ahmed Abdi Godane, a highly intelligent and ardent Islamist with a university background. Godane lacked the combat experience that many of his fellow jihadists had; in fact, he had never been part of AIAI. What he did have was extensive instruction by Al-Qaeda, a mark of distinction in the jihadist world. While studying and training along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border during his school days, he had linked up with Afghani, with whom he shared a hometown, Hargeisa, and ties to the Isaaq clan. The two became good friends, and Godane became part of the Somali jihadist movement, if only from afar, after returning to his hometown in the late 1990s.
Source: Inside Al-Shabaab: The Secret History of Al-Qaeda’s Most Powerful Ally by Harun Maruf

TL;DR: For the last decade, unsophisticated, primitive hunter gatherer groups have been duped into genociding their own people, destroying their infrastructure, and keeping their regions in the stone age.


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Evil doesn’t discriminate, if these guys had a chance to destroy lives in the north, they would have in a heartbeat but fortunately they were not powerful enough to concentrate on more than one place. Please try not to question why some innocent people weren’t attacked while others were :)
The way I see it. The Somali community is broken and messed up, whether in the diaspora with drinks, s and ex Muslims or back home with terrorists and clan fighting. There is no sole reason for our short comings but we need to work towards solutions fast.

Now is the worst Time for us to choke. Since our enemies want this and are threatened by our economic potential. Not to mention how Somalia can't eBay Kenya at the icj of their busy with Al shabaab and security problems.

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You guys are giving somaliland way to much credit. This why the south is the way it is, blaming others for your problems won’t fix anything lol