"Al Qaeda terrorist Ahmad Al Qa'qaa leading a group of #Uyghur child soldiers from Uyghur jihadists org Turkistan Islamic Party (rebranded frm ETM)"

Omar del Sur

believer in win-win cooperation

What's interesting to me is- people who deny that there is objective morality, that there is an objective right or wrong- I seriously doubt that they would defend giving terrorism training to child soldiers. And of course I condemn that kind of thing- but how, for example, would an atheist condemn it in line with their worldview? If you are an atheist and you openly deny that there is right and wrong- how can you say it is objectively wrong to use child soldiers for this kind of thing? Atheism is extremely dangerous. I like that China does play a role in serving as a counterweight to the West but I really am not so fond of atheism. That being said, the West is satanic. I hope God makes it so that Muslims are the big world power and people don't have to choose between China and the West. But my thinking is first we undercut the West as it's more of a threat and then later we form a solid Muslim bloc and this Muslim bloc functions as sort of its own superpower. But that would be much more feasible in a multipolar world than in a unipolar world dominated by the US imo.


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