AFTER SEEING THE incompetency of Somalia gov I’ve staged a COUP

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Grigori Rasputin

Former Somali Minister of Mismanagement & Misinfo.
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Wariyaha SomaliSpot
AFTER a long drawn observing the ex cab driver government I’ve staged a coup with @4head.

My government announces a government of action with 10 year plan. We intend to move the country forward.

I announce the decree that bans qabilism and outward religion anywhere in government institutions.

I announce the recognition of Israel

The legalization of prostitution

The legalization of alcohol and marijuana ( it’ll enlighten us)

I call the euthanization if anyone older than 55

I hereby announce the importation of 30k female Chechen, Bosnian and Tatars into the country

I decree the unnecessary attending of gov officials of any conferences until we return our country to normalcy.

Here’s my government:

@4head The Minister of psychological warfare/propaganda

@sigmund the minister of Hennessy and the proliferation of alcohol

@Bohol the minister of education, atheism and Europonization

@TheShinning Minister of Ayuuto, tax collection

@Reiko minister of providing me with you pregnant Xaliimo gazelles on a daily basis

@Suldaanka minister of infrastructure

@embarassing minister of putting trial of ex government officials

@TekNiKo minister of execution

@MSGA minister of changing Somali cities names to Western scientific discoverers

@AussieHustler minister of oil, moving Somalia away from the camel, introducing eating seafood


Engineer of Qandala
I Have resigned my position.

Too many Kaffirs for me to work with

Do it in style and start a fight in parliament



The one and only 4head
I will promise that Somalia will be the next Turkey, without the Kebab. We will have a great minister of Propaganda.
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