Afghan civilians trying to escape on American aircraft fall to their deaths


Ugaas of the supreme gentleman

US helicopters clearing runway

US forces shoot 5 civilians trying to enter the runway

Picture of one of the dead who fell from the C17
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Grigori Rasputin

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Wariyaha SomaliSpot
Why would they try to cling onto an aircraft that is about to take flight?

The desperation and the limited knowledge of how planes work have condemned these people.

I mean desperation because the person has blood on his hands. The dead person (s) he snitched on spirit is chasing him away. He has this fear and anxiety that he can’t control now that his user is leaving.
If these men fought as hard against the Taliban as they did trying to hold on to that plane, it would be Americans trying to flee to Afghanistan instead of the other way around.


Sad how in one-night afghanistan fell back to being a hellhole. This is why muslims should fix their own countries and not depend on gaal, they will leave you behind.