(AFCON U-17) Somalia draws into GROUP A with Senegal, Algeria and Congo


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We are with Algeria and Senegal. They set us up! We are finished!!!
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I heard the U17 team was busy getting married and the football association used up the funds for themselves

The Draw:

*Group A (Algier) – Algeria, Senegal, Congo, Somalia

*Group B (Constantine) – Nigeria, Morocco, South Africa, Zambia

*Group C (Annaba) – Cameroon, Mali, Burkina Faso, South Sudan



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This isn't the main national team where we should be worried about the nations drawn especially in AFCON, its U17 these guys can qualify they already played great in their qualifiers. Their competition isn't as hard as the main national teams.

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As long as theres no corruption in the organization of our U17 then they'll be good


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