A Lewinsky Like Sex Scandal Hits Puntland


31/12/16 - 04/04/20


Supporter of Puntland Independence Movement
This picture was digitally altered. Also if I may add, whoever made this has poor Photoshop skills.


31/12/16 - 04/04/20
Ileen Gaas is a Playa:damn::dead:

This man needs to rule for another term :ufdup:
It's all fun and games until you catch a sexually transmitted African bush disease:pachah1:
He has that 'did you like it' face. :drakelaugh:
Harvard graduate, can jump and gets frisky with qalanjos :damn:he'll go down as Puntland's greatest President :banderas:
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This is the face of a cuck

While this down here is the face of a man who knows he’s about to get a taste of that sweet malab

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Cuckmaajo is about to get ousted by raxaanweynes and Hawiyes :pachah1:whereas Gaas is pissing about with dhocils :pachah1:
I'd say it's fake but i've never seen that nigga smile that wide.

it has to be true.

gaas looks religious, I am sure he'd get a qudbo siro done at least.