A Kenyan lawyer says that the Somali Pastoralism way of life is Primitive

I want to become a nomad with livestock while making money via the internet.

Dream life.


Starlink might let you be able to live your dream. Fast internet in the baadiyo.


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Starlink might let you be able to live your dream. Fast internet in the baadiyo.
I think city / urban life will fade by the mid-2000s.

If working from home and/or making money through the internet becomes more common, people will move to rural areas for cheaper real estate values and cleaner/safer environments.


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Nonsense eventually technology will cease to exist one day and everyone that fell for the illusion of the urban cities and hedonistic lifestyles will be the losers running to the countryside to live with the farmers and agriculture specialists.

Horse riding
Rifle/Bow Training

Are all skills which humans need for survival, the modern urban lifestyle has turned people into docile taxable corporate slaves with no life skills.

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Damn that’s deep but some people want to live a simple life and feed their family the high life isn’t for everyone and only a few people will ever be on mars anyways lol
We're proud of our heritage and don't have this silly inferiority complex that certain Africans have. With the Indians and mentally colonised Bantus, Kenya is only surpassed by India in coonery
They turn their flat noses up at us while it’s simultaneously stuck inside Chang’s yellow buttocks :mjlol: Where do they get this condescending attitude from?
I find it hard to be offended by these people. I mean we enslaved them and not just that but our descendants in SE Africa have historically dominated them time and time again:

The power in Central Africa was the Tutsi, watching from the high country to the east of Congo in Burundi and Rwanda. The Tutsi came down to the lakes sometime around 1400, cattle-raising people who were good at war. They enslaved the Hutu, who’d come a little earlier and enslaved the Twa, the pygmies. So there was a straightforward three-tier system in the lake region: Tutsi on top, Hutu under them, and the Twa hiding out in the bush. The Tutsi, like all conquerors, had a great little origin myth to explain how this happened: One of their gods gave his three sons a gourd of milk apiece and told them to watch it overnight. The poor little Twa son gulped the milk right down—no impulse control, them pygmies—and was banished to the forest. The Hutu, an underachiever, fell asleep instead of watching over the milk. But the Tutsi son stood guard over the milk all night and was rewarded by being put in charge by his God-dad. Kinda like the Three Bears story only without a Goldilocks.

Tutsis can be modeled as over 60% Somali-like and often have Y-DNA markers like E-M293 from the Horn and they used to live a cattle pastoralist existence and have been making other Bantus their b*tches for centuries.


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He should talk about why his Kalenjin tribe is still primitive when they held power for 24 years.
They are well know for cattle rastling and raid Ugandan villages.The karamajong at least we have livestock they dont have they raid cattle that is why Museveni calls them thieves someone should write this on his twitter account.

Also they were in the bush prior 1979 only the dicator moi brought them from the bush.