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A french study deems NISA amongst top 10 intelligence bureaus of Africa


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Great News, I hope our intelligence agency keeps working hard, to be recognized as top 10 in it's infancy stage is not an easy task :)


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I can believe this.

This is what I mean in Dutch we say: Verder kijken dan je neus lang is. Most of you gaajos can't do that. Here I always shame Somalia and where it sucks, but to be honest. Their intelligence has to be quite good to fight Al Shabaab and win more and more lands from them and create a semi stable area in the middle of an Al Shabaab jungle. Most African countries are already peaceful or don't have die hard organization like Al Shabaab so of course their intelligence is not that good. This is something most of you can't understand.

That's why I said most of you are simple thinkers.

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