5 Dutch-Faaraxs teens lured a retired 73year -old teacher who intended in uu ku aaso 15-year-old. Teens r part of a new phenomenon called PedoHunters

Grigori Rasputin

“No more your dad” “your mom loofs me”
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Apparently there’s an explosion of young people playing
“How to catch a predator” using YouTube Vlogs to document it. Sometimes they shamed them and idiots like these Geeljires went too far and hit the old man
I hope they get locked away for a long time if you bothered to read it says they did it for unknown reasons I bet it was mob mentality.


Ina libaax sanka taabte
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If they have proof of him being a child molester they should get the police involved after that they will deal with him in prison

But if they beat the man for no reason they deserve to get a long time in prison
Pedos are a threat to society they didn’t do anything wrong the old man was gonna die eventually anyways.