Somaliland 30 Billion Barrels Of Oil

I used to be Naive and believe this stuff!!! But then I grew up. No insurance to cover assets, no stable govt where any1 can be bribed even mps, courts, president to over-turn and take away assets at a whim, no political or resource sharing agreement with Somalia federal authorities cause it's their sovereign land, giving such a large income source to a poor country that has no strong institutions money cud go into wrong hands and cause genocides(western govts wud really allow that thru).

Don't worry boys, I know I was once naive too, but I actually grew up. None of that is coming untill somalia can get along and on top of that PROVE IT with a robust system with no holes in it :siilaanyolaugh:
The general population of Somaliland will never enjoy that money, 80% will be pocketed by corrupt politicians and the rest will be spent on low grade infrastructure.:manny:
According to Al Jazeera puntland could generate 2 trillion dollars of its oil blocks in nugaal and dharoor valley. Still nothing up until now. Don't make the same mistakes as puntland dear somaliland.

How come nobody mentioned how Genal stock price surged 20% since July.

3 companies on that list are trading on market.

Genel went up 20% since early July and they are on the London stock exchange. By the time this news is public people have already sold thier shares.

If you're a lander in London and aren't trading securities this a perfect time to at least claim ownership on projects happening in your land.


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