2 weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to lend her some money


باسمك اللهم
Wait 4 to 6 days then break the silence and call them. Act casually without showing anger or frustration when you call. Give them the benefit of the doubt.


Shiiii, you need to tell her to run that back. Within 5 days of getting paid. Or terrorise her until the end of the next month.
Figure out if she uses drugs or if she borrowed from other people before. It will tell you a lot about a person

If it's under 90$, if she aint run it back, you can let it slide and cut her off.


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Say to her " I need my money back to pay off some other debt i recently got into"

Make up a story in a subtle way ..

once you receive it back ... never lend money to anyone again unless its close family.



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