1996 SL civil war. Marya alool/Jeegaan POWS

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Saalax Bidaar

Truthfulness so often goes with ruthlessness
Jeegaan are famous for importing thousands of illegal Oromo aliens and then using them as foot soldiers to maximize the numbers of their Militias.

I thought it was a rumor that Oromos we’re recruited by Jeegaanta to fight a sub clan. Lol no we have clear evidence. The level of cowardice is astounding.


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So this is actually a Jeegan tradition!?
I thought it was something that started in Tukaraq.

Jeegans are way too chummy with Oromos and they are the region that's suffered the most from the new Oromo migration. I could honestly see an Oromo president in SL elected by the majority of the people before 2030.
You know the isaaq has changed and aged badly in the last 2 decades...nowadays isaaq people can't talk for shit...qow qow uun bay hayaan...sii caadiyo quman oo aan af la maroojin uma hadli karaan. .

1990s isaaq used to talk caadi with well constructed sentences..

Massive difference...nowadays if you listen to majority isaaq middle aged people talking to microfone you think they all escaped from an institution

Saalax Bidaar

Truthfulness so often goes with ruthlessness
Doesn't maryalool mean like lots of different cloths to highlight the random assortment of people in their coalition against GX


Like this

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