TRIGGER WARNING 14 yr old girl gang raped by 8 men in Mogadishu

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We will always remember @486th president
One of the mistakes Somalis back home make is that they think every stranger is like their family member with good intentions and they trust them like a loyal dog. In Norway, you treat every stranger like a stranger and don't talk to them unless they are asking for help.

Macalin dheerow

Aflagaado illay iyo talaado
Public execution and statements from clan elders that they will not shield these lunatics. Only reason these animals get away with heinous crimes is due to qabiil. Those who have power within a qabiil need to be held accountable.
This nasty rape culture is a growing epidemic throughout the country. It disgusts me how elders accept payments and settlements when things like this happen. If these rapists aren't executed or even arrested for a long time it won't stop.

The root of this problem also stems from the lack of opportunities young men havei n the country. Having growing youth unemployment with no future prospects is consistently associated with antisocial behaviour. Many young people are also popping pills back home and addicted to pretty much anything they can get.


No dictator can imprison a population forever.
She was lured off facebook by a guy. Parents need to talk to their kids about online luring which is the case. Dont just ignore their online activities, that is the best you can do.
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"You are your best thing"
Burn them a live these bastards are out of control. What is going on in Somalia lately? These fuckers are getting worse than the Indians uff the only way is to make these sickos an example, torture them and ostracize their families from the community.
These people are clearly reer sl living in xamar and they praised the local police for everything theyve done including finding the 8 men in custody and looking for the others.

Just goes to show everybody is treated the same in muqdisho compared to the rest of the country.


This trouble things keep happening.
Somalis lost their culture, since civil war.
In old days, they use to respect women.
Tribes use to go wars by disrespecting their daughters, let alone raping and killing.
This time is trouble time to be women in Somalia and Somali women.
May Allah protect them.
This is a societal problem. Can be
Solved by society as whole.
Sign of good society is the one protects women, animals, minority and weakest one.


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