FAKE NEWS 😂😆Former Communication Minister in Famajo’s 4 sq miles of Mogadishu government is now a Pizza delivery man in Germany after asking for asylum in 2019


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Since when was fake news tolerated on SomaliSpot? I can't believe it was actually tagged 'fake news'.
you’d have to be an idiot to believe this, even the article title says afghani and not somali. OP was clearly just trolling with the title lol, wouldn’t be surprised if he tagged it fake news himself.

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you should be banned from starting threads anymore.

Hey! I can’t help it if you can’t solve this riddle.

I’m basically trying to depict the similarities between two shitholes, Afghanistan and Somalia.
Actually the Afghani got a job in Germany whilst the Somali would’ve had stolen money to buy a home in Germany.

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This doesnt suprise me since these guys were handpicked to become a minister But nobody in the west cares about that. Allot of somali ministers and politicians back home would be uber drivers or McDonald workers in the west :mjlaugh:
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