1. tyrannicalmanager

    american zionist debunks the cookie hoax once and for all

    @Omar del Sur what did he mean by this?
  2. tyrannicalmanager

    Fake shia imam going by the moniker imam of peace causing hate and division

    there fake shia imam called tawhidi who's sole mission is to denigrate islam and muslims, one quick look at twitter will show large fallowing of anti-muslim zionist/hindus by echoing every antislamic setiment they have. https://twitter.com/imamofpeace he has no real islamic education nor...
  3. tyrannicalmanager

    US zionist and israel/gulf states are constructing there final solution on palestine "statehood"

    jewish supremacist jared kusher plans for palestine and the arab people living in israel meet all the requirement of apartheid the US and israeli president netanyahu are also planing to expand the nation border by annexing more arab land...