1. al-Mu'tamid المعتمد

    Do you know of Jabarah in the Horn of Africa?

    According to the Wikipedia page on Abd al-Rahman al-Jabarti, it states that he is from Jabarah in the Horn of Africa. However, I am not familiar with any place called Jabarah in the Horn of Africa. Do any of you know of this place?
  2. Cityviews

    Map of Yemeni towns named after Somalis (and other Africans)

    :lolbron:Factz Im coming for your spot as the premier source for Somali history here. @Factz @QAADDO @Nuur Iidaan @Reiko @sophisticate @pablo Named after Ethiopians Al Khabsiha ( Al Habashi) Sabkhat al Habasha Named after Somalis As Sumal Bani Ayub Bayt Az Zaylah Saylah As Saylah as Sufla...