1. R

    Will he leave me because I’m Somali?

    I’m from the Somali yibir tribe. I don’t look Somali. Me and my dad we look middle eastern. But my mum is a bit dark. Like Indian dark. I met a Russian muslim guy me and him have been good. He even wanted to marry me very soon. Today He seen my mum for the first time now he is saying that he...
  2. CaliTedesse

    Yibir(Hebrew) people mentioned in Jewish Israelite diaspora book

    I love the Somali Hebrews and wish for them to join their fellow jews in Israel . Like the Ethiopian Jews who were forced to convert to Christianity and returned to Israel. I hope the Yibir return back to their homeland Israel too. Somalis are bilaa backbone. I noticed even in this forum they...
  3. Benjamin

    Guys what is your opinion off suing your Dugsi teacher?

    A friend off mine cousin's are suing their dugsi teacher for abuse and mistreatment. This case is very serious, it has already passed the local court, they will review it again. Has this happened before, or do you know any case like this one?