1. Smif-N-Wessun

    Breaking My Fast In Ramadan Prank!

    How would Somalis back home react to this prank?
  2. Manafesto

    NEWS Somaliland becomes the main route for Ethiopian migrants use crossing into Puntland & Somalia

    Somaliland becomes the main route for Ethiopian migrants use crossing into Puntland & Somalia The Number of Ethiopian migrants crossing to Somalia and other Gulf states has gradually increased in the past decades and Somaliland has become the main route for these migrants to use to reach their...
  3. E

    God Bless Yemen and Palestine

    This Yemeni Youtuber went around trying to get people to burn the Somali flag. But they all declined out of respect for Somalia.
  4. Helios

    Massive Potential Oil Spill in the Red Sea Very interesting this spill could be catastrophic.
  5. Mr.Haggis

    Civil war Somalia vs Yemen. Which one is worse

  6. R

    The father of Osama, Mohammed Awad bin Laden lived in Mogadishu as a child where he got injured Narrated by Omar bin Laden, son of Osama. He's the one with dreadlocks. Osama's father lost an eye due to his boss beating him up, he had to go back to Yemen. Imagine if he stayed in Somalia instead had that boss not been so...
  7. Prince Abubu

    Cadaan Woman Quarantines Herself On Socotra Island

    She's gonna infect the whole island.:damn:
  8. Al-Burcaawi

    Faarax throwing shade at Yemeni food

    war hayaaay twitter went mad:russ:
  9. CaliTedesse

    Omani Empire at it's greatest extent according to Omanis

  10. Cityviews

    Map of Yemeni towns named after Somalis (and other Africans)

    :lolbron:Factz Im coming for your spot as the premier source for Somali history here. @Factz @QAADDO @Nuur Iidaan @Reiko @sophisticate @pablo Named after Ethiopians Al Khabsiha ( Al Habashi) Sabkhat al Habasha Named after Somalis As Sumal Bani Ayub Bayt Az Zaylah Saylah As Saylah as Sufla...
  11. Puffin Stuff

    Yemen Sharia Law

    The Tragic case of Mohammed Haza'a War torn Yemen Yemen is in a civil war and has been for a couple of years Civil war is often followed by a few years of lawlessness however both sides of the civil war have set up courts (not courts that deal with war criminals civil courts these...
  12. Nilotufian

    Cushitic speaking population inhabited southern parts of Arabia in prehistoric times

    Any truth to this
  13. Jodeci

    Stolen: How Yemenis stole Somali food and culture

    We all know Somalis influenced the people around them since the start of time. But did you know how much of an influence we had on our Yemeni neighbors? They won't speak about this because they want to steal our food to make money off it. Go to any Yemeni restaurant and see for yourself. Here...
  14. Jodeci

    Yemen enacts law forbidding half Black Yemenis from obtaining Citizenship

    But Somalis wanna cape for Yemen though :gucciwhat: Despite the long history of Yemeni traders travelling abroad, immigrating, and forming cross-cultural families, the term "Muwalad" is...
  15. Xooshdheere

    The enemy lies within

    Why does Somaliland want to separate with the rest of Somalia so bad that they are willing to sleep with the enemy? It is sad to see a country with so much potential tear itself apart. Imagine if Somali ports connecting the African interior? These countries livelihood would be at the mercy of...
  16. Prince Abubu

    Illegal Fishing destroying Somalia's reserves

    Somali fishermen complain about illegal vessels Link: This is what we should be worried about, not crying over dhegcas that are polluting and stealing our resources. Of course, the...
  17. Human

    Millions of Yemenis starving in Ramadan

    Millions of Yemenis starving in Ramadan While Muslims worldwide celebrate Ramadan with special meals and tasty treats, millions of Yemenis are going hungry. They are facing what the UN calls the "largest humanitarian crisis in the world". This is the third Ramadan Yemen faces in a state of...
  18. Prince Abubu

    UAE's plan to encircle Somali territories In case you haven't noticed, United Sand-...
  19. Waranle

    Somaliland/South Yemen Brotherhood

    Somaliland and South Yemen share history all they way back to the Roman Greek periods.Himyar traded with Northern Somali coastal city states.Then when Islam was founded they brought Islam to our coasts and the Shafici madhab.Trade and relations continued through time whether under the...