1. Ahmed Alawi

    Muhammad says Allah rejects your prayers if you fart—until you wash your feet

    In this glorious hadith, Muhammad teaches that the Creator of 2 Trillion Galaxies rejects your prayers if you fart. In fact, Allah will forever reject your prayers after a fart until you properly perform wudu (ablution). This involves pouring water over various parts of your body, at least once...
  2. Ahmed Alawi

    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), an expert hydrologist, says water never becomes impure.

    In this glorious hadith, Muhammad, an expert hydrologist, explains that nothing makes water impure, that it’s safe and ideal to pour even the filthiest water over your face for ablution (wudu). There can be garbage in there. Menstrual rags. Rotting corpses. It doesn’t matter. In Islam, Allah...