1. Calaami

    Boy who swore off haircuts meets his hero Roboow

  2. Reformed J

    Retweet of a sexist joke by Washington Post reporter sent rabid feminist colleague into a tirade, ultimately costing her own job

    Began last Friday when a WaPo reporter retweeted this juvenile sexist joke (was he drunk?) For which he apologized, but it's too late as he's been (justly) suspend for a month without pay Laakiin his feminist co-worker didn't want to let him get off
  3. Cerberus

    Desperate incels sending $$$ big money to Kenyan Somali women.

    Wow omg, my Grandmas sister just told me that she saw Somali girl in Kenya getting $500 or more per month from Somali guys abroad who haven't even married the girl. My own aunt who is daughter of my Grandmas sister was used to get guys who sent her $200 often when they were merely just doing...
  4. Odkac WRLD

    India is moving crazy These clerics have a rule that if a divorced Muslim woman wishes to remarry her first husband she has to pay dowry to a cleric to marry...
  5. Exodus

    Weirdest shit you've ever seen?

  6. Juuqbuuqluuq

    Why support a "United Somalia"?

    What incentivizes Somalis to blindly support a "United Somalia"? It's either one of two, Either pure emotions, this is growing up learning Somalis are one, and that crap. Or, your qabiil interests and having your qabiil stuck to the union so you blindly support what they do. Both of those...
  7. PhaedrusHunt

    So this just happened in China

    Sheeko Sheeko :farmajoyaab: A middle aged woman in China lived on a 6th floor apartment complex while another guy lived on 5th floor. There was a pipe leak on the 6th level which damaged the man’s apartment, he asked for compensation to which the woman refused. The second time the man asked...
  8. Boqor

    Puntlanders please intervene

    This girl who is apparently from Puntland as evident from her profile is constantly booty clapping for Somaliland and it's starting to give me a headache... There are even worse posts. :farmajoyaab: @Reiko @Hani Malab @DesertStorm @GlitzyCue_ Please talk to your sister
  9. Waxwaalan

    ajnabi/gaal here on sspot says geeljires are reer burundi

    @Khalumi is having a field day here on geeljire spot on our behalf. He doesn't know what geeljires look like laakin meel geeljire ka buuxa bu jooga :what1: where is the sharaf? :kanyehmm: lets check it out :umwhat:... :wow::what: get in here @Amun @Boqol @Xooshdheere @gurey
  10. Xooshdheere

    bantu twitter

    "I wonder what Bantu twitter is up to nowadays" (idk what I expected tbh)
  11. Xooshdheere

    Man with a life saving tongue

  12. HalyeeyQaran

    Former Somalia MP involved in Al Shabaab attack

    :hmm::ohhh::mindblown: Former Somalia MP who defected to Al Shabaab was involved in a terrorist attack. This is the kind of people we're dealing with. An uncivilized and morally bankrupt people. War yaa Ilaahey yaqaan? Walle waa yaab.:ohlord: Southwest State, along with Somaliland, urgently...
  13. DeMoN

    Weirdest fite I've ever witnessed

    in my foookin entire life m9! a guy fighting a midget :damsel: it was so weird the midget was flexin and shittt.....imagine a kid flexin but it's not a kid....the other guy is flexin too and they're at each others face like what what what niggaa do something...the other guy is...
  14. Thatsomaligirl

    2016 African Americans Ain't African

    They went from claiming jews to native Americans kulaha coolio:draketf:
  15. John Michael

    Duchess interviews a confused Canadian who thinks he's a Brit

    On her show Sheeko sheeko. They've gotten better production quality. :ehh: They need better topics though, more controversial shit. @Duchess well done abaayo. Looooooooooooool
  16. M

    Michael Moore says we are all Muslim