1. lalayariis

    PSA: I am not a man

    I am not a man :ufdup:
  2. NAAFO

    Love Ode to you (love letter)

    This is my poem for who are imo the greatest not just harti, darod, but one of the greatest if not the greatest somali women that not only dhulbahante men as well as other somali men have been blessed with by Allah subhana wa tala to have bestowed upon them such as these dhullos...
  3. SLMan990

    Somali men found not guilty after of sex trafficking after lying Somali Woman exposed in court

    http://m.startribune.com/3-twin-cities-men-cleared-of-interstate-sex-trafficking/370845151/ The cop lied as well.
  4. Y

    Trans women in boxing or MMA

  5. Lostbox

    GENTLEMEN, What is your ideal WOMAN?

    She must breathing and have nice FEET.
  6. ArchBishopofAtheism

    BBW/Thick Girls Referendum

    Recently I noticed a few of you are into BBWs. I will only reveal my preference after the first person outs himself as a BBW lover. Go! Not all BBWs/thick girls are the same, so post pics of what you like. I'll start. Don't judge me!
  7. Duchess

    Breaking News: Somali woman kidnapped and raped by 5 men in Kuwait

    http://news.kuwaittimes.net/website/somali-dad-says-stepdaughter-raped-by-five-men/ :pacspit: