1. Awdalia Rising

    BREAKING NEWS Trump Acquitted of Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress

    Don Trump will not be removed from the presidency. He has been acquitted on the first article of impeachment, he will also be acquitted on Article 2 obstruction of Congress Edit: he has been acquitted of both charges
  2. Crow

    New hospital opened in Garowe, Puntland. Gaas just can't stop.

    President Doctor Abdiweli Gaas does it again. Somebody stop this madman with all of this development. He's out of control! The hospital cost $10 million and was financed by our German allies. Sieg heil Merkel!
  3. Lancer

    Air Arabia announces they're issuing UAE Visas for SL passport holders

  4. M

    Sadiq Khan Winning Race To Be London Mayor

    That's right, Sadiq Khan ladies and gents. :dzmxmmb: