1. The Somali Caesar

    Circus act gone wrong

    The Bear probably knew he was being used for entertainment purposes and was like screw that :ooh:
  2. S

    Wildlife Photographer of the year award

  3. W

    Foxes or wolves?

    Quick research suggests african golden wolf or the black backed jackal :cosbyhmm: Nice to see there's still some interesting wildlife left
  4. Guts

    Illegal poaching in Somaliland region

    I was randomly going through hotspots on snap in the somali peninsula and i found some rich khaleeji arabs having fun and killing birds right outside Burco. :jcoleno::mjcry:Our wildlife is getting destroyed, i couldn’t care less about Somaliland but these birds migrate through all Somali...
  5. Anas.010

    Where are somalia's lions

    Question:are there still wild lions in somalia And does anyone has evidence of their existence like:videos , pictures (in somalia)
  6. Crow


    I have noticed Galla propagating this new buzzword "Oromophobia" on Twitter lately. It appears that they have been taking notes from their brothers in slavery across the Indian Ocean. I bet the warlord known as Jawar Mohamed is behind this tactic of committing crimes against humanity followed by...
  7. shabellegal

    Native Animals and Flora Thread

    I’m really interested in documenting the native wildlife and plants that are in Somalia. Obviously due to decades of instability many species are on the verge of being endengered or even extinct. I strongly believe the SFG in the future should develop an agency similar to what we have in the U.S...