1. JudgeJoeGorilla

    I Want To Get "Married", But IDK If I Will

    I'm career oriented, 28, and focusing on going back to community college next year. If I get married; I'd want my wife to either be Jewish, Ethiopian, Latina or Filipina/Asian. I look at my life and I'm getting older. Though I have the job, car, and some money in my pocket I just feel like...
  2. JudgeJoeGorilla

    SPIN: As An AA I Would Marry A Somali Woman

    Why? Because they age well and have traditional values. Hope this won't set some of you bros off :mjlol:
  3. The Somali Caesar

    Old Wife swap clip still makes me laugh

  4. Boogie

    Man gets shot by wife's hitman 9 times, survives

  5. 486th President


    What is the ideal partner or rather what do you find in a spouse I’ve heard lots of back and forth but I would like to know serious answers only Here’s what I find as the ideal spouse 🥰 Funny Charming Chill Knows how to cook Has a personality Athletic Shorter than me by 2 inches or a bit more...
  6. C-Town

    How would you feel as a male if your wife makes more money than you?

    would you not feel weird as a man
  7. AhmedSmelly

    Why you should marry a western Halimo

    I was just contemplating, what's the best trait a women can have? Obedience If she has a small body count, you can use that against her. Blackmail can do wonders for a relationship. Dont forget, she also has great experience in bed. Manshallah Western Somalis would make the best wives. Yes...
  8. Odkac WRLD

    My Treatise on Polygamy in the Somali Community

    I’ve noticed the majority of Somali men are ok with polygamy, yet the overwhelming majority of woman are vehemently against it.... the men getting multiple wives these days are mostly wastemen. If you can barely afford one family why get a second, other than for sex? I believe polygamy should...
  9. Ramen

    How would you react if your dad decided to get another wife

    How would you react if your father decided to get a second wife? Would you disown him? Accept it?
  10. A

    Famous boxers wifey

    Is my friends ex. A Somali native from Leicester used to date this Italian women who is now dating Dillian White, the boxer. Small world. IG: carolinapasquali
  11. Mohsin

    Somali man posted revenge showing his ex wife naked and sex video

    Somali man in Ohio posted of Video his wife he shared on Facebook later Yaab aragnay tahoo kalena waa dhici ismaanlahayn dadku markey bataan noocwalba waa ka soo baxaa