1. Rationale

    Biden's 600 billion dollar plan to rival China's One Belt One Road iniative.

    We 3rd worlders should welcome the rise of China with open arms. American and Soviet rivalry provided alot of investments/development projects all over Africa. We might see the return of that era. But let's hope those nasty coups and proxy wars won't become a norm though. Ever since Soviet...
  2. Helios

    Define Success

    For me what I would consider success in this world as being an educated professional and retiring in Somalia or somewhere else after raising a family with morally upright kids and providing them a nice home and opportunity to make something of themselves in the West.
  3. CaliTedesse

    What makes one native to Africa

    What makes one native to Africa? How many years of living in Africa. I say this because recently I watched a video of West African male saying Ethiopians ( and other horners are from Asia and North Africans etc. I get flashbacks of how I would react had this been several years ago. I...
  4. lalayariis

    We Are Backwards People

    I’ve been on here for about two weeks and I’m starting to see certain patterns. This site is full of trolls, wahhabis, qabilists and people who really don’t care. I know there a few who are actually none of these, but they are by far the minority. The amount of hatred and intolerance I see on...
  5. TheMadMullah

    What is behind the Rise of Somali S in the west?

    For years now the the rise of somali s has been on sharp and steady increase in the west. What could be the cause? as the others muslim communities are not really equally affected, despite the fact that some have stayed longer than us in the west. NO emotions plz just be rational!
  6. U

    Falling in love against all odds - Couple from East & West Africa

    There's this reality show on CBC called, "Hello, Goodbye" it takes place at the airport and different families/couples are interviewed about their stories. In the clip below, the guy is from East Africa (I guessed Kenya/Rwanda but not sure ) and the young woman is from Ivory Coast. The guy's...