west burco

  1. Bohol

    West Burco 2019

    Wadada Oodweyne and the Soukhal galbeed
  2. Bohol

    Neighborhoods of West Burco

    1.Shacabka 2.Tuurta Tuurwa (my hood, I also own plots of land here) 3.Jarmaalka (I own plots of land here) 4.Kenyadda 5.Qasabka 6.Afgooye(Xuduuda Soukhal Galbeed iyo Bari) 7.Maxamed Cali 8.Lafooley 9.Saylada (location of the largest livestock market in Somalia) and others. :samwelcome:
  3. Bohol

    West Burco drone footage

    The area has a lot of trees they need to plant more though and turn some of those open spaces to a big park like the one in Ceerigaabo (beerta nuura).