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  1. The alchemist

    Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Is Going to Visit Israel and the West Bank

    This is some interesting stuff. Tlaib and Omar’s Planned West Bank Trip Embroils Israel in Trump’s Battle With ‘The Squad' "There’s bad news for American Jews who are already deeply uncomfortable with the fact that Israel is playing a role in the confrontation between progressive congresswomen...
  2. Faazzla

    US cuts $200M in aid to Palestinians, says there are no refugees, will cut UNRWA funding

    https://twitter.com/Elizrael/status/1033413026463068160 https://twitter.com/Elizrael/status/1033414319235579905 https://twitter.com/Elizrael/status/1033415498376069120 https://twitter.com/Elizrael/status/1033416650182324224 https://twitter.com/Elizrael/status/1033418169648590848