1. Thegoodshepherd

    ANALYSIS Most of Somalia is uncomfortably hot.

    A lot of people underestimate just how hot Somalia is. You sort of forget how hot it can get in July. Looking at a map of Somalia's temperature, I was surprised to see that Puntland is actually on average cooler than southern Somalia. A lot of people just assume that less rainfall goes with...
  2. Gadiid

    Fellow Londoners, see the lightning?

    The rain, so much rain. Hoping for dim grey skies for the rest of the week. How're you lot doing?
  3. Gadiid

    U.K weather is crazy

    I am not built for this heat. How're we jumping through seasons like it's a video game? Spring has barely arrived and we're already in Summer. :damnmusic: I thrive in the cold, better than any other season. My parents always said I was a winter boy. What kind of African am I? :mjcry: Looking at...