war on terror

  1. Helios

    BREAKING NEWS Colin Powell Dead at 84

    Rest in piss
  2. Al Muslim

    The Taliban won the war

    The Taliban have won and have secured a deal for the withdrawal of all foreign forces within the next 13 months. What are your thoughts on the Taliban winning the war against the world's largest terrorist organisation, the USA?
  3. Nuur Iidaan


    Have you ever had to swing at your sibling like this cos they ate your food that you was saving for later (in the fridge)??? (I advise you all to click on the tweet, so that the vid doesn't buffer for you). They were going IIIIIIINNNNNNN, waan ka helay...
  4. Puffin Stuff

    Permantly retiring from the insurgency

    I've done my service:snoop: and I regret fighting such a dumb war, I've seen how my crimes affect cross-dressers lives I apologise transgender people:whew: I'm glad I got that off my shoulders however just because I don't attack fags and trannies:idontlike: doesn't mean ill champion your cause...