1. 486th President

    If SSPOT Was A Village

    If SSPOT was a Village The Nobles- @Admin @Western4Life @Thegoodshepherd @Sophisticate @Apollo @Afrique @Mercury @Shoto Todoroki @Gibiin-Udug @Kaleel @Figo The Rich- @Basra @Gibiin-Udug @Octavian @Asli @Halimo Supremist @Admin @Gucci mane @Odkac WRLD The Farmers- @486th President...
  2. CaliTedesse

    I'll never understand these Somalis

    It's mostly FOBs in the West but some who are born there also who take picture from their tuulo aerial view and write (tuulo name) CITY above it. LOL that's so humiliating, especially when this so called place has mudhuts for houses and hardly any infrastructure. Somali arrogance at full sight...