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  1. Thegoodshepherd

    NEWS US Ambassador to Somalia, Larry André, interviewed about Somaliland.

    Fairly interesting interview. It seems the US is not interested in going back to the "Dual Track" approach to Somalia. They are willing to work with FMS like Somaliland within limited bounds. After reading this, I would not be surprised if the Berbera base being floated were brought before the...
  2. Helios

    BREAKING NEWS US Demands Elections Be Held on Time

    Strong worded statement I wonder what the response will be some folks were banking on extensions :tacky:
  3. Helios

    Ilhan Slandered By Retarded Americans Again

    For those who don't know Rudy Giuliani is Trump's lawyer :tacky:
  4. A

    Cedar Riverside Poverty Rate

    is 44%. Basically there are these things in America that have been introduced or will be introduced called Opportunity Zones.These are zones where poverty is high and areas where there are a lot of problems which the government are hoping that investments into businesses and property willl help...

    CLIMATE CHANGE: It's raining literally every single day out here, the Midwest's crops are drowning

    In a record amount of rainfall for this spring, compounded by climate change and this year's Solar Minimum, it is raining constantly since mid May. The crops of the Midwest are drowning as a result, as there is too much water for the fields, and thus the farmers can't plant in tune for autumn...
  6. The alchemist

    Germany Hints US No Longer an Ally Under Trump