1. H

    Pacific Islanders

    Just realised I’ve literally never had problems with these people. Funny as hell, very friendly, amazing singers, loyal friends, never met an islamophobic one. Love these guys wallahi :salute:
  2. 486th President

    White Girls Are Evolving

    Bruh white girls are something else wallahi I know some of y’all are gonna say they are just flat no thighs peices of clay but they are something else now listen to me there tongue hits different when they stick it out fam listen to me let’s look at some of these photos that will awaken our 3rd...
  3. 486th President

    Somalia’s Underrated Architecture

    Somalia has amazing architecture truly one of the most underrated in my opinion especially how it mixes with neutral colors is a bit fascinating I hope somalia can restore its culture a bit more I don’t want to hear Somalis originating from Arabia oof let’s talk about our overwhelming architecture