1. D

    Ukrainian men dying while ukrainian women twerking for #PassportBros

    While ukrainian men are being turned into red mist in the frontlines at Bakhmut their women are throwing it up for passport bros in clubs in Kiev. :damn:
  2. Reformed J

    Climate change and Russia's war in Ukraine help push Somalia to the brink of famine THE IMPACT ON TRADE AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE WAR IN UKRAINE
  3. S

    Russia attacks and captures 3 Ukraine naval vessels. Ukraine will vote to impose Martial law.

    So Russia attacked and captured three Ukrainian naval vessels off the Crimean Peninsula. Two gunboats and a tug were captured by Russian forces and a number of Ukrainian crew members were injured. if the world didn't do anything when Russia invaded Ukraine then I can't see anything...
  4. S

    A disabled Iranian refugee reported death threats and racial abuse to police and gets killed

    Police 'failed' murdered man for years A disabled Iranian refugee repeatedly reported death threats and racial abuse to police for seven years before being brutally murdered, a report has found. Source:
  5. S

    Britain First bait Muslims who were helping Grenfell Tower fire victims

    Footage has emerged showing Britain First leader Paul Golding baiting Muslims who were helping victims of the Grenfell Tower fire at the East London Mosque. Mr Golding has claimed he was “abused” for “standing on a British pavement and filming” but a video posted on social media by the mosque...
  6. Igor

    "Donbass Seasons".

    I'll just leave it here.