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  1. T

    Lack of Somali male role models in high paying professional careers in the UK

    Whats up my brothers and sisters, I hope you're all good. I am a 20 year old Law student at Uni. I'm just posting this out of curiosity and a bit of frustration. I know the Somali diaspora is (general speaking) young. By that I mean we're just getting settled in western countries and a large...
  2. Helios

    UK Somalis Before & After

    B4 Reer UK comes flying in to diss Canada you guys can chat shit when you get a govt minister ;)
  3. G

    Ramla tell us about her adventures in London

    Blease Exblain dis to me.:gucciwhat: This is very disturbing behavior. I thought this a few people, apparently it’s an epidemic.:farmajoyaab:
  4. Odkac WRLD

    Popsmoke new tape

    Wlhi this tape fire as hell my fav tape since so much fun and death race kk reer uk still beats getting destroyed by an American how ya feel kkkkk thoughts on meet the woo vol 2??


    UKDRILL revolves around a prominent locally grown subgenre of Drill music, UK Drill. Originating in Brixton from 2012 onwards, the genre has achieved national mainstream success under brutal scrutiny from the police. If you'd like to discuss ukdrill or other uk sub genres this is the place...
  6. Odkac WRLD

    To My U.K. Brothers and sisters....

    How do y’all stand it :damn: the country looks ass, decent nightlife ig. Bad weather, shitty wages, ugly houses f*ck :drakelaugh: Rap scene is booty as hell oof :damn: :damn: But in all seriousness do you all enjoy living there, and if given the chance would you come to the USA :banderas...