trump 4 president

  1. Reformed J

    The Man who saved Eid - Trump orders houses of worship to be opened

    Coming in clutch for Eid, he loves the Moslems :ahh:
  2. CanIDimo

    Mr know it all Donald Trump

    As funny as i find him he is perhaps the most inarticulate person to ever hold such a powerful position, he is meant to be the world leader and he speaks like a 10 years old:ileycry:, At first i thought he was deliberately limiting his vocabulary to build a strong support base in redneck america...
  3. M

    Donald Trump can beat Hillary Clinton

    Donald Trump refused Wall Street bankers while Hillary Clinton has taken donations disguised as speech fees. She even laughed at suggestions she should release transcripts. With the populist sentiment, can you imagine Hillary Clinton's smug ass facing down Trump in a debate? He'd decimate her...