1. Manafesto

    Somaliland's President nepotism & Clannism at full display for nominating 8 of his clansmen as Representatives to important aid donor countries
  2. Manafesto

    NEWS Somalia's Former Speaker Abdi Hashi of the Upper House and his son accused of of looting parliamentary seat of Somaliland MPs at Federal level

    Former speaker of the Upper House and his son accused of of looting parliamentary seats MOGADISHU (SD) – Some elders from the northern regions of Somalia, who spoke to the media in Mogadishu, accused former Speaker of the Upper House Abdi Hashi and his son of looting their seats in parliament...
  3. L

    OPINION How Would You Solve Tribalism in Somalia?

    This is not something I believe will ever happen but let's say if a system you design could be implemented tomorrow, nation-wide, then how would you do it? Note: go down and critique other's solutions btw. My solution: One major problem tribalism and the current system create is that they...
  4. Toriye

    How important is your qabiil to you?

    Rer qurbo, we have the privilege to see past qabiil and all its shenanigans partly due to being surrounded by ajinabis all the time. We start to realize how much more important than qabiil the Somali people are. We start to miss that comfort you feel only when you are surrounded by your people...
  5. Molotoff

    Tribalism in the Balkans

    As you know, Somalis are not the only people with tribalism. Serbs and Albanians have it too. A bit about the tribes of Montenegro (Serbian tribes):
  6. IftiinOfLife

    Prominent Shiekh says: Creation of Saudi Arabia a betrayal to Islam

    Creation of Saudi Arabia a betrayal to Islam By Sheikh Imran Hosein NOTHING BUT RAW HARD TRUTH.
  7. Helios

    My Solution to the Endless Separatism in Somalia

    I think we should implement a Swiss democratic model in Somalia to fix the 68 iq level of tribalism that persists in the country today. A minimalist federal government that upholds basic tasks such as defense, trade policy and foreign relations that would devolve the powers of nearly everything...
  8. DRACO

    Tribal supporters of Somalia's President Farmaajo are praying to Allah that ...

    H.E. Abdirahman Abdishakur does not get elected as President of Somalia in 2021 :chrisfreshhah::pachah1::dead:. Have you noticed that Darood Nationalist fear this man more than they fear Allah ?:deadrose: All of the main shegaatos on this site fear him too. Like the fool who has been...