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    Qatar rejects support for Farmajo's campaign and any candidate allied to him?

    Qatar rejects support for Farmajo campaign and candidates allied to him? https://mustaqbalmedia.net/en/qatar-rejects-support-for-farmajo-campaign-and-candidates-allied-to-him/
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    DEVELOPING NEWS Ilhan Omar summons US foreign affairs official 4 a brief report on the Horn and approves US cutting aid to FGS/Farmaajo for delaying Somali elections

    Mashalah, Eedo Congresswomen Ilhan Omar came through as usual, I am glad she is in line with President Deni on the war against the Kacaanist Low IQ Farmaajo intention of dragging the election and planning to rig the Somali Presidential election. The AFGS and Farmaajo's failure to conduct...
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    IS FARMAJO READY TO VACATE VILLA SOMALIA? May 30, 2020 By Faisal A. Roble As the debate over elections loom large, Somalis and donor communities alike do not exactly know what to expect. It is certain that the political mercury will hit a record high as we approach 2021, and civil discourse...