1. Manafesto

    NEWS Puntland lawmaker from Cayn,Toghdheer region of PL wants Somaliland gov't listed as terror group

  2. A

    Woolwich Boys terrorists

    In 2013, 2 Nigerian men with links to the Woolwich boys gang killed a British soldier(Lee Rigby) by stabbing him to death. Woolwich is an area in South London. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Lee_Rigby Woolwich Boys is made up of people of different ethnicities but the members are...
  3. Hana

    Somalis of Finland, your thoughts on the terror attack

    How do you feel about the very first terror attack in Finland? How will it effect your daily lives? Will Somalis also be getting blamed although the terrorist is from Morocco? Tuleeks elämästä rankkaa seuraavina päivinä? So many questions. :wow1:
  4. Prince Abubu

    Reer UK

    Watch yourselves. A lot of racist lunatics are going to use this attack as an excuse.:nvjpqts:
  5. DrippinglyWet

    BREAKING: AlShabaab releases new video message from Kenya PoW, David Ngui Wataari. He was capture

    Why always kenyan, catch some ethiopian for variaty
  6. $

    Terrorist Suspects Captured in Hirshebelle

    Are these the Hirshebelle security forces???? :ohdamn: If it is I would like to say congrats lol. These niggas do not play damn. :dwill: They are alreadu more competent than other already established regional governments. Somalia: Al Shabaab suspects nabbed in Jowhar following bomb...