swedish-somali people wtf

  1. Odkac WRLD

    Game of Trading Diasporas

    Alright guys You have to leave your home country and pack your bags to a new diaspora. You’ll maintain the same lifestyle in the new country...just pick And you can’t pick your own country, for example I’m voting Sweden
  2. Odkac WRLD

    Somalis on Ceyr

    Why tf are there so many of us on ceyr:francis: I understand if you genuinely need it ofc, but sum of these folks driving new SUVs:damn: on section 8 wtffff and it’s the same but to a lesser degree in Canada. It’s mostly the fobs who just landed eating good off Miskiin Justin Trudeau child tax...
  3. CanIDimo

    Reer sweden seem..alright

    so previously you have come to learn Australian mandem are the fobs of the diaspora, These young somali teenagers spoke somali really well so they aren't hooyo mataalo youths like most of the diaspora and judging by how westernized and integrated they seem, i'll assume that they are also fluent...
  4. S

    From Somalia to Sweden, when Somalis usually try to assimilate.

  5. Lordilord

    Hoogaaaaaay.. Sweden take this L'....

    This is not a thread to bash on Somali girls, I am just sharing what I heard. I was watching this Swedish TV Show online where young-adults from the hood(ex. Somali, Eritrean, Ethiopian, Arab, Kurdish etc) and even ethnic swedes gather and argue about controversial subjects on topics such as...