south africa

  1. Helios

    South African Delegation Arrives in SL

    From the ANC party Rumours are that Tanzania is up next :mjpls:
  2. Helios

    We Need To Remind South Africans

    About the legendary Somali diplomat Abdulrahim Abby Farah and the work of the diaspora there A Somali played a crucial role in freeing one of Africa's most beloved figures and the father of modern South Africa In 2020 we bring...
  3. tyrannicalmanager

    old insightful video about apartheid south africa

  4. AarHawd_7

    Another Somali businessman killed horribly by South African daanyeero

    Hilaal Xirsi Jaamac He was beheaded with a machete by some cursed South African monkeys. May Allah have mercy on the brother Can somebody tag all the we are all black dhoocilo?
  5. GBTarmy

    South Africans says they will starve if Somali shops remain closed

    “The problem is that whenever protests happen some community members always takes out their frustrations on foreign shop owners. They never take time to think of how the rest of the people will suffer‚” said David Sibanyoni‚ a community committee representative in Ratanda‚ south of Heidelberg‚...