1. Manafesto

    Somaliland administration planning to set up another tribal adherence meeting in Widhwidhb tomorrow for Sool tribal chiefs similar to Ceerigaabo one

    This is latest news I am hearing from both loyak and SL hardliners, they are pulling the same trick they did in Ceerigaabo last month with Sanaag's elite tribal cheifs, the whole puprosed of this stunt is to have the Sool elders and cheifs take pictures while the SL flag is in the background...
  2. Bohol

    Oog, Sool, Somaliland region children mock secessionists "Oog ya leh? Farmaajo"

  3. Saalax Bidaar

    SERIOUS Innaa Lillaahi Wa Innaa Ilayhi Raajicuun: Imam burned alive , The Sool violence has hit a new low

    Not even the Imaam of Masjid is safe from the vicious inter clan violence in Sool. This man was Qayaad, had nothing to do with the violence in Sool except that he was killed because of his Qabiil(Aano Qabiil) AUN This is beyond madness These mfers have to be stopped
  4. BankaTuyo

    Now Somaliland denies treatment for the wounded.

    Lasanod Hospital refuses to take the wounded from a certain tribe in the skirmish that happened in southern Sool the last few days, No matter the situation someone has been hurt, you can't deny said person the basic humanitarian medical attention they deserve. this is stupid.
  5. Karim

    Somaliland admits that Laascaanood is gradually slipping from their hands

  6. Cumar

    Yagoori Community Elders come out in support of Somaliland

    The war for the hearts and minds of Reer Sool continues :gaasdrink:
  7. Bohol

    Lets all appreciate the work of the boys of B town

    12 + terrorists exterminated + 30 injured in Ceel Afweyn is impressive feat by the boys of B town. They are hard on terrorists and never take prisoners.
  8. S

    SOMALIA SSC Region Pictures & Videos

  9. Foreman

    The Fall and Capture of Laascanood

    Laascaanood was under neither Somaliland’s nor Puntland’s control.357 Both Hargeysa and Garoowe paid local ‘rump administrations’ consisting of a governor, a vice-governor, and a military and a police commander with their respective troops. These positions were taken by locals from different...
  10. S

    Dowlada Siiland to explore oil in gobolka Sool iyo Sanaag

    They want to exploit our oil and take all the money to xaargeysa Where are the mujahedeen of Buuhoodle? Get rid of Siiland trucks and kick them out Why is siiland desperate for oil??
  11. Bohol

    Registration for elections SY conference in Oog

    Where are those rats that were saying Oog belongs to HJ? Oog is owned by SY economically. The three recognized Suldaans of beesha SY