1. angelplan

    Hees Afar Ko Macah Wah Mahamade 2021 Djibouti

  2. Odkac WRLD

    Freestyle chain

    I’m gonna start with two lines of rhymes, then everyone add 1 or 2 bars and change rhymes/scheme when it reaches 4 bars... ex) Duck Luck f*ck Cuck then bob Slob Knob Cob except instead of words they are sentences I’ll begin : On malawax I’m geeked shorty Can’t feel my teeth shorty.....
  3. Cityviews

    Best Somali Female Singer Right Now

    @Cauli @CaliTedesse what do you rate her?:lolbron: Personally I just like the beat.:banderas: I am surprised they put a latin flavor in Somali music. I'm gonna see what I can play around with on my music software and take this to another level.
  4. G

    What's the name of the song?

    Is there a nice soul out there that knows the song in this videoclip?
  5. H

    Why are Jamaican dance and music very explicit

    Shenseea starts squirting @2:06 :russ:
  6. Y

    Anybody know the song name?

  7. Xooshdheere

    Somalia's Golden age of Music

    In this explainer video, learn what political, social, and cultural forces forged Somalia's golden age of music, what caused its demise, and why a new golden age is happening right now. 1887-1960 = 73 years with resistance, not centuries of colonialism. Language, culture, religion and gene...
  8. Xooshdheere

    Somali Baby songs

  9. Xooshdheere

    Cadaan Women singing Somali classicals & songs

  10. Xooshdheere

    Somaliland/Djibouti CRINGE national anthem

    Somaliland: This is exactly why SL is not recognized. Djibouti: This is the most ear rape video you will find on YT. This is worse than SL's techno national anthem. everyone grab your headphones and enjoy! :damnmusic:
  11. ReeBorama

    Nimcaan Hillaac in Mogadisho (Song)

    Masha allah Xamar cadeey iyo Xeeba-heediii:rejoice:. That Laan-kuruuusar on the beach:banderas:With your own Anna Ayaan:lawd: Not a bad tune at all, laxanka lafoole stands out:damnmusic: Sida ilo xareedoo, xarfanaaya galabtii Naftaad xiiso galisaa, xasuus kuu ilmaysaa Ayaan xiiso galisaa...