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    EU convenes an emergency meeting between Somaliland President & opposition parties following an intense political crises in the breakaway region

    EU convenes an emergency meeting between Somaliland President, opposition parties https://www.somalidispatch.com/latest-news/eu-convenes-an-emergency-meeting-between-somaliland-president-opposition-parties/
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    Oodweyne residents reject Somaliland president Bihi’s claim and lies on yesterday's address to the nation of a constructed new road in the region

    Muse Bihi's address to the traingle desert state of Somaliland yesterday was full of lies and misleading the public from the facts on the ground. The guierille warlord turned President of the seccenist region claimed that Odweyne district road was completed which was a false, the residents of...
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    Hargeisa residents plead for help after Somaliland warlord Muse Bihi confisticated their land

    When will Muse Bihi stop land grabbing of local unprotected residents of Hargeisa? never in my life have I seen a top luxuriously paid Somali politician engaged in land grabbing and minor land disputes than mass murderer Bihi.:noneck: This former serial killing thug needs to be dealt with...