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    Somaliland Journalist Rageh Omar vows to do something about the recognition of SL region of Somalia

    Let us hope Rageh Omar can do something about the state of Somliland, recognition is ultimate thing the region has been dying for over 3 decades.
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    OPINION Recognizing Somaliland as an independent nation will most certainly open Pandora’s box in Africa

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    Recognition Misfit team of Somaliland Dr Edna and SL Finance minister denied entrance into the UN HQ meeting in New York after they show up Uninvited

    I don't even think there is something more embarrassing and humiliting than these SL old heads making fool out of them selves, what they gonna do next sit out side the UN building with a bowl for pennies? Why don't they just go to Mogdishu and sit down with the FGS instead, I am pretty sure...
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    Abdiweli Gaas calls Somaliland's recognition as a pipe dream

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