1. fais

    Farmajo has been involved in a Qatari funded plan to invade JL,PL & Somaliland Republic to have leaders of the 3 entities killed & replaced by puppets

    http://www.haatufonline.com/somali-news/dagaalkii-tigray-oo-baajiyey-qorshe-khater-ah-oo-farmaajo-ku-jiray-oo-la-dooayey-in-jubalandpuntland-iyo-somaliland-xoog-ciidan-lagu-qabsado/ Is Farmajo so stupid that he will concoct a plan like that? Yes!, yes he would and try it out also with his BFF...
  2. Susa

    Aw Barkhadle Iyo Yusuf Al Kawnayn, Ma Isku Mid Ah?

    Long read ahead: you have been warned. In 1848 Ltd curttenden in his travel among the Isaaq titled: "Memoir on the Western or Edoor Tribes Inhabiting the Somali Coast of N. E. Africa;: Cruttenden". On pages 61-62 (attached) he unequivocally states that Aw Barkhadle was an Isaaq saint from...