somali women

  1. JudgeJoeGorilla

    What Type Of Women Do You Like "Second" To, Somali Women?

    For some reason I expect you all to either say Ethiopian or Kenyan, but I could be wrong.
  2. S

    Fine Somali men (mugshot editon)

    i dont know why but seeing random somalis on these criminal pages makes me die laughing 😭😭💀 examples of the finest ones
  3. S

    Beautiful Somali girls thread (on social media)

    Somali women are some of the most beautiful women on earth, and they should be celebrated and appreciated Especially Somali girls in the west for embracing their skin tone and hair texture and being on a healthy weight, unfortunately our sisters in Somalia are bleaching themselves and...
  4. M

    Somali men dating

    Im pretty new to this site although i have been watching the comments and posts within this site. i wanna learn how to start dating within the Somali community. i know its frowned upon and considered a taboo but i want to start dating somali women and seeing first hand how the experience is . i...
  5. Metal Magician

    Study Shows Somali Men Marry Out More

    Somali Women have the lowest of out-marriages among Immigrants in America while Somali Men have higher percentage. Let us put this idea to rest that Somali Women in North America marry out more than Somali men, this is not the case according to studies done, its just that Somali Women brag more...
  6. Metal Magician

    Divorcee Question

    I was talking with my mother about the prospects of marriage i’m in my early 20’s, never married before. I think I’m done with drama and I have repented. So I asked her what she thinks about women with children who is divorced being an authentic reer galgaduud she laughed and said “nacaala abaha...
  7. S

    CULTURE somali women dress/hijab 1980s

    hey guys im really confused and need help on this topic. I want to know why wearing hijab today in somalia and among somalis is such a big deal whereas back in the day 1980s and prior hijab wasn’t really worn like that im really curious as most of the older vintage pictures are of somali women...
  8. Helios

    Somali Success in Medicine

    This Xalimo is a mother of 6 and a Trauma Surgeon in Florida - WOW. I needed to come back early to share her story and advice she gives I know I'm back a little early but things have been chugging along pretty well these last 10 days personally, but thats besides the point I guess. I'm...
  9. Hodan from HR

    An Open Letter To My Somali Diaspora Sister

    Dearest Sister, You have heard it all; the constant misogynistic remarks from our men. You have been ridiculed for your desire for a legitimate monogamous marriage. You have been called materialistic for wanting a man who will not withhold his wealth from you. The best amongst our men will...
  10. Abdisamad

    Old abdi getting ass whooped

    This old abdi is getting his ass whooped by these two old halimos for stealing their khat :mjlol: This could be @R.Kelly VS Knowles and Reiko.. Knowles being the one sitting on him Reiko with the stick beating him and Basra the other women beating his head.. You can briefly see @Abdalla in...
  11. Abdisamad

    Getting a wife from somalia

    Hi guys. How are the Somali girls back home in Somalia.. Do they make good wife's or are they also infected with kibir and feminism as the ones in the diaspora? I was thinking to settle down with a sister from back home as I see no suitable females who deserve to get a ring in the diaspora.
  12. Karim

    Twin daughters of Somali refugees on the road to becoming doctors.

  13. L

    Somali Women in Politics

  14. Ramen

    How old are you?

    How old are you? Sometimes i identify as a 15 year old but im actually 13. Some days i feel old and identify as a 45 year old black man living in Germany.